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R. Smith-Angel


R. Smith-Angel is a retired government Senior Program Manager & Analyst that is now embarking on her true life’s mission to help others. She is also an alumnus of Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.  After graduation, she served in the public-sector for over 35 years and acquired a broad range of expertise as an educator, Atlanta Quality Group Faculty, Advocacy Group Director, Senior Advisor, as well as, the leader of highly visible regional and national projects and process improvement initiatives.

Heart Vision was born out of her own personal struggles.  She reminds us that we are all connected to God, the Divine One, Creator of the Universe.  She says that from an illuminated heart space of love, we are able to recognize that our triumphs and struggles help us to see the unseen, wherein deeper spiritual truth is discovered and transformation begins.  We are also encouraged to approach our shared challenges in the space of love, power, and positive expansion.  This is the space that releases creative problem-solving; a space of forgiveness, unity, and healing.




     Photo: Teri Lyn Photography, Atlanta, GA