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Heart Vision

R. Smith-Angel is a new author that brings a unique approach for imparting wisdom and healing through the use of powerful word pictures in the form of poetic inspirational writing. Her unique view of life, witty and no-nonsense style compels you to look beyond the situation (surface) in order to see life from the inside out. No matter what has happened in your life, it is from an illuminated heart space that positive change and transformation becomes possible.

R. Smith-Angel believes that the courage to see life from within your heart (the spiritual center of love) is a key ingredient to learning the lessons that the universe has placed in your path; because those lessons are absolutely tailor-made for your continued spiritual enlightenment and evolution.

This is a journey that takes you deep below the surface of life. I challenge you to let this book speak to your heart in a way that is both personal and specific to you.
You will feel the illumination beginning in your heart space.
Now, get ready for healing, restoration and renewal!