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Heart Vision

Heart Vision

R. Smith-Angel

Heart Vision is a collection of poetic inspirational writings that transcend gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, political and religious beliefs.

It encourages us to allow our heart to be illuminated in order to see below the surface of our challenges.  When we have the courage to do so, we can achieve healing, restoration, and renewal.

R. Smith-Angel’s writings are filled with inspiration.  They take you deep into your soul.  You will be inspired to go beneath the surface… beyond where you think you can go!
Professor V.Nelson Hill, Arizona State University

This book is a must read!  R. Smith-Angel takes you beyond superficial issues and struggles that we encounter by asking you to examine your life and how you choose to live it.  She empowers you to allow the light of truth to shine in your places of difficulty in order to positively illuminate your life onward and upward.  Her humorous and wise poetic messages bring light, laughter and healing to your heart.
J. Summerville, MBA Emory University

R. Smith-Angel is a visionary.  She masterfully uses word pictures through poetic messages to inspire her readers toward spiritual growth and exploration.   Her messages bring light, truth, and healing as you examine your heart.
Vicki Pouncie, Owner Nubiance Salon, Atlanta GA

R. Smith-Angel is a new and rising voice that brings wisdom and truth to her readers using spiritually inspired poetry.  She brings light using wit, candor, and gentle instructions that everyone can relate to.  Her love of God and desire to help others move from a dark night to a place of light and fulfillment is evident in her inspirational messages.   By reading this book, you will appreciate your blessings and realize the power to overcome life’s challenges.
G.King, Author and Creative Consultant